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Construction waste landslides leave 85 missing in China

A landslide, caused by a 100m high pile of construction waste, buried 33 buildings. At least 85 people, down from 91, have been reported as missing, said government authorities. The landslide covered 380,000 square...


Oil rig fire in Caspian sea kills 32

An oil rig in Azerbaijan’s waters in the Caspian Sea has been destroyed by a fire that got out of control after heavy winds damaged a gas pipe on the offshore facility. The fire...


Abu Sayyaf militant group beheads Malaysian hostage in Philippines

Following a failed ransom demand, the Islamist militant group Abu Sayyaf has beheaded its 39 year old hostage, Bernard Then, a Malaysian engineer. The decapitation, which happened on the island of Jolo, took place...