Over 100 climate action protesters removed from Australian parliament after staging sit-in

Australian parliament in Canberra

Between 100 and 200 climate action activists have been removed from the Australian parliament in Canberra after staging a sit-in to protest perceived inadequacies in current environmental policies.

The protesters organised the sit-in to coincide with new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s arrival back from the crucial UN Climate Change Conference, in Paris. Around half an hour after the activists started the demonstration, security guards at the parliament building asked them to leave, and, when they refused, dragged them away one by one.

Before Turnbull became Prime Minister he had encouraged a “common sense” approach to climate action, once advocating for Australia to move to 100% renewable energy generation. But soon after taking office his position started changing, speaking of “clean coal” and “carbon capture” as alternatives to a plan by Labor to move to 50% renewable generation, which he described as “one of the most reckless proposals the Labor party has made.”

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