Taliban suicide bomb kills 6 NATO troops in Afghanistan

A suicide bomb around Bagram air base has killed several NATO troops, many are expected to be U.S soldiers

A suicide attack carried out by the Taliban has left 6 dead and 3 wounded so far. The attacker struck shortly after 1300 local time on Monday, riding a motorbike. Early reports indicated that the troops were US soldiers.

The attack was carried out in the vicinity of Bagram air base and comes after a large Taliban assault that has overrun Sangin, a key district in the Helmand province.

Abdul Shukur Qudusi, The District Governor, reported the suicide bomber had detonated in the near proximity of joint US-Afghan patrol.

More than 2,300 U.S. troops have died in the Afghan war since the 2001 invasion. More than 26,000 civilians have died while nearly 100,000 have been injured.

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