The British parliament will debate legal basis for airstrikes in Syria

The British parliament will debate a legal basis for Syrian airstrikes

David Cameron’s conservative cabinet has unanimously backed a party motion to extend airstrikes from Iraq to Syria. The proposal will now be taken to parliament on Wednesday for a 10-hour debate and then a vote is expected before the day is done.

Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday labelled opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, and other MPs against bombing Syria, “a bunch of terrorist sympathizers.” The description has been widely condemned, with the Labour party accusing the Prime Minister of a “contemptible and desperate slur.”

Thousands of British citizens took to the streets on Tuesday evening in a hastily-organised protest against the vote, which itself was only announced earlier in the day. David Cameron’s parliament has argued that bombing Syrian cities will make British residents safer, but critics have pointed out the role of military aggression in recruitment to jihadist groups.

Despite losing a vote to launch an aerial campaign in Syria two years ago, to strike forces loyal to Assad, David Cameron’s parliament still went ahead with bombing targets in the country, including a strike that killed two British citizens in August.

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